Nickname Registration

Welcome to UnitedChat's nickname registration page. Registering a nick is completely FREE. Register your nickname means, that no one on the whole server, no matter which channel, is able to use your nickname except only you. To ensure, that only you may use the nickname, you will choose a password which identifies you, but if you do not use it within a year your nickname will expire and drop. When this happens any channel access you have, including channels you own under that nickname will also be lost or automatically transferred to the first channel manager if one exists.

• Please don't register a nickname at once when you are here for the first time. Check first whether you like it here to save us lots of dead nicknames.

To register a nickname, follow these steps:
  1. Check your nickname is available to register:
    Please make sure the nickname you are trying to register is not already registered or in use. It is recommended that you disconnect any clients you may have connected to the network before registering. You may use the
    /INFO <nickname> command to check.

  2. Register your nickname:
    To register a new nickname, it is easiest to use our nickname registration form page. But if a user prefers typed commands, the following can be used. Issue the command:
    /ATTACH <password> <e-mail>

  3. Verify your e-mail address:
    Verify the registration by following the link sent to your e-mail address.

  • Choose a nickname, make sure the nick you specified shouldn't be registered by anyone else.
  • Do not use ASCII character's while registering your nickname.
  • Your nick password must be digits and non-alphanumeric characters. (Like: Dan5824)
  • Please use your valid e-mail address to verification your registration.

  • After completion of the nickname registration form, your nickname will be temporarily registered. Then, you will recieve an e-mail to complete your nickname registration from "UnitedChat Services" just follow e-mail instructions.
  • Please make sure you check your spam box, if you do not see the activation e-mail on your inbox.
  • If you do not complete the registration within 24 hours, the nickname will be automatically released and again become available for registration.
  • Please allow at least 15 minutes for the e-mail to be delivered. If you do not receive the e-mail, please contact a server operator.
  • Nicknames will expire after 365 days, if it is not used and identified to for that long.