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Channel Registration



Welcome to UnitedChat's channel registration page. All users are welcome to register a channel of their choice. Registering a channel is

completely FREE, but if no one is opped within 365 days your channel will expire and drop. When this happens all access lists are wiped, and it is

free for anyone to register. Should the founder nick drop it will go to the first mgr added to the channel. If there are no mgrs then the channel will drop.


To register a channel, follow these steps:

  1. Register your nickname:

    If you’re not identified to NickServ as a registered nick, then you can’t register a channel. Instructions for registering a nickname

    can be found here: Nickname Registration


  2. Check your channel is available to register:

    To check whether a channel has already been registered, use the command.  /info #channelname  If the channel is already registered,

    that will give you some info about it. If it’s not, you’ll get a message like this: -ChanServ- The channel #channelname is not registered


  3. Create your channel:

    To create a channel on IRC, you just join it. If you’re the first person to join that channel then you create it (if you’re not then you’ll

    join the other people in there, and you won’t be able to register it unless someone gives you op status).  /join #channelname


  4. Register your channel:

    Be on your registered nickname, if you are not, use the /nick command to switch to it.

    Issue the command:  /ATTACH <#channel> <description>

    For example:  /ATTACH #TeenChat chat for teens!




 Before register a channel, please read our terms of use and general rules of the server and register only if you agree to respect the terms.

 For more information about your channel settings, login using your UnitedChat registered nickname and manage your channel so simply.



A sample view of a registered channel:



What's next?

So, you followed the commands above and successfully registered your channel, but what's next?


» Manage Room: This guide is to teach you the most effective way to be a channel operator and separates you from being a

   chatter with the power to silence people and convert you into a popular person with out saying anything.


» Bots Support: Channel Bots are programmable IRC clients that sit in your chat room while protecting it from all sorts of floods and

   keeping it open twenty-four hours a day.


» Help Support: Need assistance with registering your channel? Contact us and we'll be able to help you by chatting with you online.

   Make sure you have read all of above information before you ask for help.







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