► Some basic chat commands



Register nickname and chat room:

  • To register a nickname: /attach <password> <email address>

  • Example: /attach 2547LomN12 user@hotmail.com

  • To register a chat room: /attach #<channel> <description>

  • Example: /attach #TeenChat Chat for Teens!


Nickname Settings:

  • To change your nickname: /nick <newnick>

  • Example: /nick Angel

  • To get your registered nickname: /nick <nickname> <password>

  • Example: /nick Chris 2547LomN12

  • To change nickname password: /setpass <oldpassword> <newpassword>

  • Example: /setpass 2547LomN12 895me21XdD


Chat Room Settings:

  • To join a room: /join #<channel>

  • Example: /join #help

  • To leave a room: /part #<channel>

  • Example: /part #help

  • To kick an user: /kick #<channel> <nickname>

  • Example: /kick #unitedchat David

  • To ban an user: /ban #<channel> <nickname>

  • Example: /ban #unitedchat David

  • To add a topic to the channel: /prop #<channel> topic <topic message>

  • Example: /prop #unitedchat topic Welcome to #unitedchat general chat channel.

  • To add channel manager: /acl #<channel> mgr add <nickname>

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat mgr add Chris

  • To add super operator: /acl #<channel> sop add <nickname>

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat sop add Rick

  • To add automatic operator: /acl #<channel> aop add <nickname>

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat sop add Angelica

  • To remove a channel operator: /acl #<channel> mgr/sop/aop del <nickname>

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat mgr del Chris

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat sop del Rick

  • Example: /acl #unitedchat aop del Angelica

  • To make your channel private/secret: /prop #<channel> modelock +s

  • Example: /prop #unitedchat modelock +s


Online Help:


Online help is available at any time with the administrators of a server.

If you require the assistance or need to contact an administrator go to channel #services or #help

(by typing in chat /join #services)

(by typing in chat /join #help)



Useful Help Links: