UnitedChat Channel Bot Service


The UnitedChat IRC Network welcomes inquiries of Services Agents (Bots). After several requests, UnitedChat has put a bot project into development. Our bots are set to protect your room from flooding of all sorts. If you are interested in getting a bot for your room on UnitedChat IRC Network please read the requirements below:



- What is a bot?

A bot, or "robot," is a program that is set to sit in your room to keep it open twenty-four hours a day, and protect it from floods, such as text floods, action floods, CTCP floods, join floods, kick floods, and nick floods.



- What are the benefits of having a bot in my room?

The bots are programmed to kick and ban users who flood, based on the flood levels you request or the defaults (8 messages in 15 seconds). Along with protecting against floods, the bots will also be in your channel twenty-four hours a day to watch over your room, even when you cannot be there.



- What are the downsides of having a bot in my room?

The bot will also kick you (or any op or voice) that triggers the flood protection on the bot. Currently, there is no way around that.



- What are the requirements for obtaining a bot?

You must be the founder or manager of the room to request a bot.

You must have up to five users in the room when requesting. Why? We feel that channels smaller than five users do not face flood problems.

You must agree not to abuse the bot in any way. This includes kicking the bot, deoping the bot, banning the bot, and flooding the bot purposely.



- How do I obtain a bot?

You may e-mail support@unitedchat.net with detailed information (e.g. your registered nickname, channel, requested bot nick, and desired flood levels (amount of lines to allow in amount of seconds).

Alternatively, you may go to #help or #services and request a bot from an active operator.



- Bot Nicks

SecurityBot and snakey. Each bot is the same, aside from the nickname. They all provide the same features and all run on the same connection. Not one is more stable or better protecting than the other.


Please allow up to twenty-four hours to recieve a response on whether your request was accepted, if you requested via e-mail.