(Help Operator)

I'm Keith, 33 years old, living in the state of Pennsylvania. I've been apart of IRC/mIRC since December 3rd, 1996. I was an original staff member on the WebChat chat network, and now on the UnitedChat IRC Network. I'm a beta-tester for the mIRC client; meaning I get the next release before the public & look for bugs, backdoors, potential virus issues, etc. I enjoy chatting on IRC, but I enjoy helping users even more (cliche! But true) I can always be found in the #unitedchat channel, and am always willing to help or have a conversation; don't be shy, shoot me a pm. My 'IRC' "specialties" are IRC scripting, Some webdev, User Relations, and network management. My worst area is eggdrops, though I am learning! Anyway, that's me!

Okay, that should be enough for the bio. If you need anything else, never hesitate to shoot me a message, memo, or even an e-mail. Sometimes sending me an email will be quicker then a message. Look forward to working with you, I'm on WebChat, DALnet, Freenode, LibraIRC, and UnitedChat, so sometimes will take me a moment or two to answer. I own 2 official help channels on DALnet, so I can't just neglect them, on Freenode, I own a psychology channel of 100+ (no bots) at all times, and a web development channel that averages around 140 with no bots. My goal is to incorporate UnitedChat into my IRC routine, help build the network, etc. Is there anything in particular you'd like me to work on?

Anyway, have a good one!

Keith Broadwater

Email: Keith@unitedchat.net