UnitedChat Staff Members

The UnitedChat IRC Network volunteer staff members, also known as server operators, are a group of dedicated and willing volunteers to help improve the stability and efficiency of the network operations. Our server operators are capable of providing support for channel or nickname disputes as well as stopping acts such as channel attacks, flooding and spamming. If you are interested in volunteering for the network, please check out our becoming an op page.

- We request that all users report any form of abusive behaviour to a server operator.
- We are currently not accepting any new operator requests at this time.

The people who make UnitedChat possible:

Network Rank Operators
Services Root Administrators: Phillip - Roi_Scorpion - ScottK
Services Administrators CSOps: ak - Beesty - BlackCougar - Hasnor - MasterScript - mIRC - Nico - Playboy - TheSnake - Younes
Services Administrators: Clausner - dragon - nhk - toast
IRC Operators: Reny
Help Operators: JamBo - Jamal - secoff