UnitedChat Services

Services are what helps to control the network. They allow users to protect their nicknames, their channels and for opers to create a nicer place for users to chat on. This page allows users to lookup services commands and learn how to use them better. Below is a list of the services on UnitedChat.

UnitedChat's Software

UnitedChat's servers and services run ConferenceRoom 4.0.7-SEC, which is a product of WebMaster, Inc. This product runs state-of-the-art services, which help maintain your nicknames, channels, and various other data.


UnitedChat does not control the content of channel or private conversations and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through the network or the results of running any commands while using UnitedChat services.


As a result of our IRCD software update, certain commands have been removed or have changed. Please visit: http://www.unitedchat.net/tools/cr3.html and check out the changes before you ask any questions.

Command References:
On this section, you can find the direct links to the ConferenceRoom manual with a description of each section to help you understand the command structures.

This is the biggest section in the command reference manual. It contains all the server-side and services command one needs to know. Services commands are now transparent and no longer need to be prefixed, for example, if you wanted to manipulate a channel's access lists (e.g. to add an AOp), you may use the /ACL command instead of /CHANSERV

Each nickname is an object, an object can have many properties. Some of these properties (uprop for short) are settings that can be modified while others are read-only properties that are used to convey information regarding that nickname.

Similarly, a channel is an object as well, it contains both read-only and read-write properties. This section contains a full list of channel properties.

User modes are also settings that can be set on an user, but unlike uprops, each mode cannot have an arbitrary definition. They can only be toggled on or off.

Channel modes work in a similar manner to user modes, except it applies to channels. However, some channel modes can take an argument, such as +b (argument is banmask), +k (argument is channel key) and a few others.


Our services help commands are available for: Albanian, English, French, German, Malaysian, Thai and Turkish languages.
For more information about our services can be found here: http://docs.unitedchat.net/manual/commands.html#helpserv
Official Help Channels Channel Description Encrypted Registration Date Team Manager Prefered Language
#services Services Help - Administration 01/15/2002 Phillip English
#Help General Help 07/12/2005 Roi_Scorpion English
#mIRC mIRC Help, Scripting 05/20/2014 Clausner English
#Help.Malaysian Malaysian Help 02/03/2003 mIRC Malaysian
#Help.Thai Thai Help 05/13/2002 ak Thai
#Help.Turkish Turkish Help 11/11/2004 Huseyin Yesilkaya Turkish
Official Chat Channels Channel Description Encrypted Registration Date Team Manager Prefered Language
#unitedchat Main chat/discussion channel 01/12/2002 Dream_WEaver English
#UCRN Radio Channel 09/06/2014 ScottK English