UnitedChat Servers

This table describes our network of servers, providing details concerning server name, port number, server owner, and a brief description of the server mentioned.
For queries regarding linking of servers to UnitedChat IRC Network, please visit our server application page to view the requirements and procedures.

Server Ports SSL SSL Ports IPv6 Sponsor Owner
irc.unitedchat.net 6666 - 6669, 7000 +994 WebMaster Incorporated Phillip
my.unitedchat.net 6666 - 6669, 7000 +994 UnitedChat IRC Network MasterScript
vortex.unitedchat.net 6666 - 6669, 7000 +994 UnitedChat IRC Network Roi_Scorpion

SSL Encrypted Connections
All UnitedChat servers support SSL connections. If your client supports SSL you can connect to port 994 to take advantage of the SSL capability.
Note: mIRC supports SSL when you install OpenSSL. Read more about this at the mIRC home page.
For other clients that do not support SSL natively, programs such as stunnel can be used to connect to the servers using SSL.