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Network Administration:

Phillip - (Network Founder)
Roi_Scorpion - (Director of Network Operations)
ScottK - (Network Manager & Radio Director)
Gokturk - (Network Manager & Web Developer)


Network Rules:

No Mass Advertising (channels, webpages, etc...)
No DOS or DDOS attacks.
No Cloning, Flooding, Hacking, Nuking or Spoofing.
No War Scripts or Channels.
No Ban evasions.
No IRC Operator Begging or Impersonating.
No Transmission of Virally infected files or kiddie porn.
No Unauthorized Bots.

Official Network Channels:

#services - Services Help, Support and Administration Channel
#help - General Help Channel
#unitedchat - UnitedChat's General Chat Channel


Do not give out any personal information such as: your name, phone number, home address, etc! People only know what you tell them!
For updates and information, please visit:
Please keep in mind that real time chat is an unmoderated medium and we are NOT responsible for the content while you're online.
If you do not understand and agree with the rules and policies of this server, please /quit at this time


All incoming connections are scanned. This scan does not affect your system in any way. It verifies that you are using a secured connection. If your connection is insecure, you will be removed from the network and given information on how to secure it. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our users but internal security depends on it.
This network is free to use by the general public. It is an *uncensored* communications medium known as Internet Relayed Chat. Therefore any damages sustained during or after usage rests solely on the user connecting. Troublesome, disruptive users may be removed from the network for any reason. We welcome individuals from all cultures, religions, and walks of life. Persecution and harassment will not be tolerated!

Regular Ports: 6666 - 6669, 7000
SSL: (Secure Socket Layer) +994
Supported Servers:
All UnitedChat servers support SSL connections.

Enjoy your stay on UnitedChat!