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UnitedChat's flash web chat client developed by WebMaster Incorporated

To use this web chat client you will need to have Flash Player installed.

Visit here for tips or to ask your questions on our Live Chat Support

Don't forget to register your nickname and chatroom for easy management.


Alternatives? Don't have a website? Don't fret!

We make it easy for everyone to easily access their own rooms. Channels/Rooms are easily accessed by using our chat forwarding service.

You can do so by going to: http://irc.unitedchat.net/?@channel=Channel_Name


If you click here you will find many preconfigured themes available to cut and paste on your website.



Create your own chat room now!

To get started, complete the form below to customize your chat applet or to use the default settings, remember to click the "Generate Code" button below.

Change the room name after you paste the chat code on your page to your room name. If you want an active chat room on your site and don't want to have

to grow and manage one leave the default #unitedchat It's moderated PG-13 rated and generally active with friendly people.


 Basic Features
 Width of Chat Client:  
 Height of Chat Client:  
 Channel Name:  
 Advanced Options (Optional)
 Automatically connect to the server?  Yes   No
 Show system messages?  Yes   No
 Show join messages?  Yes   No
 Show part messages?  Yes   No
 Allow users to enter / commands?  Yes   No
 Show radio toolbar?  Yes   No



Register your nickname!

If you'd like to register your nickname on UnitedChat, click here to register your nickname now!



Free Flash Chat Applets!

Who are interested to run your free chat applets from your web pages. Choose your flash chat applet now!

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